Vi tilbyr proaktiv skadebehandling
med respekt og forståelse for våre kunder

Vores claims team

Fra første dag lover vi å behandle deg på samme måte som vi selv ønsker å bli behandlet, å hjelpe deg med å beskytte det som har betydelse for deg. Vi har gjort det enkelt for deg å melde skaden din. Velg det produktet du vil melde en skade på nedenfor og fyll ut skjemaet.

Report claim



Within 24 hours, we confirm receipt of damage to the insured either directly or through an appropriate broker. Claims can be communicated to us via mobile or internet.


Data Collection

We record all the data required for proper registration of a claim - this also means the creation of a provisional or full reserve based on the available information.


Claims Handling

We begin the actual claims processing, which means we get in touch with the insured to discuss facts, ask for additional information or confirm the information provided. We also appoint - when relevant - external suppliers; such as loss adjusters and defense attorneys (in third party claims).



After fully adjusting the claim, we make decisions regarding coverage, liability (in third party claims) and payment of compensation / settlement. Our decision is, of course, based on the relevant facts of the notified issue and the assessment of those facts in relation to the policy and relevant law and court decisions.

Your Underwriter of Choice - even when the damage happens

  • At RiskPoint, we have eight qualified employees with a total of more than 100 years of experience
  • We treat our injuries ourselves, ie no external injury treatment
  • We handle all new reviews within 24 business hours
  • We communicate in a customer-oriented language and at eye level with the recipient
  • Injury treatment with commercial understanding in collaboration with you
  • As a partner, you will experience accessible and personal injury treatment
  • Fast and solution-oriented injury treatment