Claims Handling

Assisting our clients through a loss and providing excellent claims service is of paramount importance to us and our clients. At RiskPoint all claims are handled by our in-house claims team with specialized industry and insurance expertise. Our claims management is not out-sourced to external parties and our claims team will have direct contact with our insureds from notification, documentation, negotiation to settelement. 

Report a Claim

While we may retain law firms, accountants or other professional advisors to advise us on matters arising from the claims handling, all communication is directly between RiskPoint on the one hand and the insured and its counsel on the other. All claims handling decisions are also made by RiskPoint.

When we receive substantiated claim notifications, we offer to meet with the insured and/or its advisors to manage and align expectations and to discuss the onward process.

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Within 24 working hours, we acknowledge receipt of new loss notifications to the insured either directly or via the appropriate broker. Claims can be notified to us via mobile or email.


Claims Handling

Next, we commence the actual claims handling and contact the insured to discuss the relevant facts, ask for additional information or verify information provided. When necessary, we may appoint external vendors; for instance loss adjusters and defense counsel (in third party claims).


Data Collection

We capture all data required to properly record a claim.
This also means setting up a provisional or full reserve based on the information available.



After having fully adjusted the claim, we make decisions regarding coverage, liability (in third party claims), and payment of indemnity/settlement. Our decisions are always based on the relevant facts of the notified matter and the assessment of these facts against the policy and relevant law and court rulings.

What is a pro-active claims process?

  • Respect for and understanding of our customer.
  • Within 24 working hours we acknowledge receipt of notifications.
  • Time is an important factor to our customers; timely adjustment and payment.
  • We do not seek confrontation – we seek solutions.
  • Close collaboration between our Claims team and Underwriters to ensure that the insurance agreement is understood and honored.