CombiPoint combines the following insurance coverages into one single insurance product with one, shared limit: Directors & Officers -, Professional Indemnity -, Intellectual Property -, Cyber -, Web bank theft -, Office General Liability (Slip and Trip) and Office Content (Property) insurances.

The target companies for CombiPoint is FinTech and SME (up to EUR 50M turnover but currently our sweet spot is around EUR 20M) Tech companies.

Companies in the financial services sector offer advice and administration that is prone to severe losses, hence Professional Indemnity insurance is an often sought insurance coverage, and for many, a compulsory regulatory requirement. Directors’ and officers’ insurance is key for attracting top management, in order to protect their personal assets. FinTech and some Tech businesses have a combination of technology, money and personal data at their core, which accentuates the need for insurance against cyber risks as well as third party theft, why Cyber and Theft insurance coverage is available under the CombiPoint.

CombiPoint covers damages and certain costs related to claims made against the insured company and defined individuals for professional liability, managerial liability and general liability. It can also cover direct losses and advisory costs of the insured company pertaining to Cyber and Theft risks.

We do not offer CombiPoint to the following industries / activities: Cryptocurrency, Stablecoins, Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s), Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s), Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Invoice Finance (Factoring), Supply Chain Finance.