Company history

Founded November 1st 1917, Hansen & Klein A/S celebrated a rare 90 years anniversary in business in 2007!
Same year as the 90th anniversary took place for Hansen & Klein A/S, RiskPoint was established.

The founders and partners were Mr. Th. W. Hansen and Mr. Carl Klein snr.

The main lines of business were underwriting of facultative reinsurance and reinsurance broking. Hansen & Klein became underwriting agents for a number of first class insurance companies, both from Scandinavia, Continental Europe, England and USA. The three largest Japanese insurers, Tokio Marine, Taisho Marine and Sumitomo Marine were added to the list of agency companies in mid 1970’ies. The two latter are now merged into MSI.

Under the management of Mr. Carl Klein jnr., Hansen & Klein was in 1983 changed to a private limited company – hence the name Hansen & Klein Insurance Management Ltd. A/S.

The company’s former CEO, Mr. Viggo Hauerberg, took charge in 1988, and became shareholder as well. During a 3 years period from 1992 to 1995 Willis Corroon was majority shareholder. From 1996 to 1998 Hansen & Klein A/S was on private hands, but only to be sold to CNA Insurance Company in September 1998, and turned into a branch of CNA. Following an MBO effective January 1st 2003, Hansen & Klein A/S once again was on private hands – as underwriting agent for CNA. The entire activity of Hansen & Klein A/S was purchased by CNA April 1st 2006, and Hansen & Klein A/S continued under the ownership of Mr. Viggo Hauerberg and Mr. Flemming Segerlund.

As from the 04.10.2007, Hansen & Klein A/S resumed activities as underwriting agents for Arch Insurance Company (Europe) and took onboard a new senior partner team. At the same time the company introduced “RiskPoint” as new brand and trading name. In November 2007 RiskPoint established a subsidiary in Sweden soon to be followed by yet another subsidiary in Finland. In 2010 RiskPoint established subsidiary in Norway and 1st October 2016 RiskPoint established operation in Germany. RiskPoint became in February 2008 Approved Coverholder for Lloyd’s. Since late 2007, RiskPoint has expanded the underwriting activities, panel of insurance companies that we represent as well as geographical scope for our operations.